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TMA’s History

Regular Members shall consist of one or more of the following classes: The Manufacturing Class shall consist of any corporation that manufactures treestands or products that assist hunters to an elevated hunting position or adds to the hunter's safety. The Retailer/Buyer Class shall consist of any corporation that purchases and/or sells treestands or products that assist hunters to an elevated hunting position or adds to the hunter's safety. The Professional Services Class shall consist of any corporation that supports, promotes, or adds value to the efforts of the association.

What is TMA?

The Treestand Manufacturer's Association is an association open for membership to any corporation that meets one of the following types of membership: Regular or Supporting and has the purpose of promoting hunting, hunting ethics, hunting safety, wildlife conservation, public awareness of the hunting experience, product safety improvement and fostering relationships with organizations with similar goals.

What does TMA do?

The TMA specifically devotes its resources to treestand safety.  It endeavors to improve treestand safety by education in the proper use of treestands, the development of treestand  & harness test standards, manufacturing quality control and the promotion of mandatory use of a Fall Arrest System specifically, a Full Body Harness.

Further, the TMA requires its members to actively seek certification of conformance to association standards on all treestand & harness products.  Product certification is published on the TMA web site and also publicized within the hunting population to assist the consumer and Retailer/Buyer in their selection of products meeting these standards.  TMA Members who have conformed to all TMA Standards are authorized to use the three (3) TMA registered trademarks in marketing their products.  Product testing and certification is accomplished by independent testing firms.      

How does TMA operate?

The TMA functions as a non-profit corporation and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(6). The management of the business and the conduct of the affairs of the Association are vested in its Board of Directors and operate in the manner provided in the Bylaws.  The Board is made up of seven (7) members elected by the members, each to serve a term of two (2) years.
By virtue of its by-laws the TMA has an annual meeting held as ordered by the Board of Directors Beginning in 2010, the annual membership meeting will be a part of a 2 day TMA Members’ Conference.  During the Conference the Board of Directors and members will conduct association business. Members and guest will also have the opportunity to share information and participate in the 4th Annual Treestand Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony recognizing those that have contributed to the TMA and the treestand industry.

What has TMA done?

  • Several years ago, upon forming the association, industry standards were developed and voted on for acceptance by the members of the association. The standards have been adopted by the members and two independent engineering testing firms are approved to test and certify that each submitted product meets or exceeds these industry Standards. This is a continuous process and certification includes: the approval of a manufacturing quality assurance program, review of instructions & warnings submitted by the manufacturer and testing to applicable standards. Since 1996 the TMA members have developed and approved 11 standards.  At the present time, the Standard Task Force is in the process of presenting several of the updated standards to ASTM for balloting.  The members are required to test/conform any new product to current the TMA Standards listed below:


TMS 01 (Standard Practice for Testing Treestand Load Capacity)
TMS 02 (Standard Practice for Treestand Labels)
TMS 03 (Standard Practice for Treestand Safety Devices)
TMS 04 (Standard Practice for Treestand Instructions)
TMS 05 (Standard Practice for Testing Ladder, Tripod and Climbing Stick Load Capacity)
TMS 06 (Standard Test Method for Treestand Fall Arrest System)
TMS 09(Standard Practice for Treestand Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program)
TMS 11-98 (Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Load)
TMS 12-04 (Standard Test Method for Treestand Adherence and Static Stability)
TMS 15-96 (Standard Test Method for Treestand Repetitive Loading Capability)
TMS 17-04(Standard Test Method for the Load Capacity of Treestand Seats)

  • Since 2001 ASTM (the American Society for Testing and Materials) has approved and adopted 11 of the TMA Standards listed below:


ASTM  F2120-06 (TMS 01-96)
ASTM F2121-05 (TMS 02)
ASTM F2222-08 (TMS 03)
ASTM F2123-05 (TMS 04)
ASTM F2124-01 (TMS 05)
ASTM F2337-08 (TMS 06)
ASTM F2275-08 (TMS 09)
ASTM F2126-06 (TMS 11-98)
ASTM F2125-05 (TMS 12-04)
ASTM F2128-05 (TMS 15-96)
ASTM F2531-05 (TMS 17-04)

  • Effective June 2007 membership approved a revision to TMS 04 (Standard Practice for Treestand Instructions) that requires inclusion of video/DVD instructions with all treestands and harnesses. It is estimated that to date over 4.5 million copies are in circulation.  TMA has designated 2 video/DVD service providers: Qquirrh Productions (HE Tools) and National Bowhunters Education Foundation (NBEF). Both videos are widely used by state DNR safety coordinators and other hunter education  instructors to teach treestand safety.   
  • TMA has promoted the use of Fall Arrest Full Body Harnesses and supports legislative action for mandatory use.  Since 2004 TMA members have been required to include a Full Body Harness/ Fall Arrest System that meets TMS 06 standards with all Treestands.
  • Since 2003, TMA representatives work with officials from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) located in Bethesda, MD to discuss the safety of treestands and the use of Fall Arrest Full Body Harnesses.  The interaction between the two agencies prove to be beneficial to all involved and their working relationship continues to obtain a better understanding of what is being done to promote treestand safety and also share the commitment to take a proactive approach to reduce incidents involving treestands. 


  • Since 2004 TMA has designed a web site to provide information to anyone interested in treestand safety and the Association.  The web site maintains the current TMA membership and also which manufacturers have completed their product certification including a detailed product listing.  Links to member’s web sites are also provided for additional resources to inform the consumer and Retailer/Buyer of their treestand or harness purchase.  The web site also includes a detailed list of Product Recalls with links to CPSC current recall notices.
  • Since 2002 the TMA Board has appointed John Louk as Executive Director to oversee the daily activities of the association.  His duties include: maintaining a central office, improve communications between the members and the industry, monitor product testing and the  certification process, be responsible for and take a leading roll in public relations of the association, directly support TMA Board and its members, and also maintain the  web site.


  • Since 2005 the Association has established a comprehensive list of treestand safety tips entitled “Treestand Safety Guidelines”.  The document is available on the TMA web site and copies are being distributed throughout the hunting industry through its members and other industry affiliates who share an interest in promoting treestand safety.
  • Since 2008 TMA , HE Tools and HunterExam.com have developed and offered hunters the first on-line treestand safety course. The 15 minute course is FREE and can be viewed at: www.hunterexam.com.   


What is TMA doing?

  • Continues to fulfill its charter purpose and enlist new members.


  • Solicit supporting members to assist in educating the hunter on proper treestand safety.
  • TMA’s Standard Task Force continues to work in conjunction with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Archery Subcommittee to approve proposed standards and review existing standards and also recommend revisions to update current standards pertaining to treestands and harnesses used by hunters.


  • Most importantly it continues to seek new ways to promote treestand safety.  TMA solicits involvement from the hunting industry and encourages setting a good example for treestand safety and the use of a Full Body Fall Arrest Systems.
  • In 2007 the Association worked with industry associates and the National Bowhunter Education Foundation to establish a curriculum to train and certify hunter education instructors on treestand safety throughout the United States and Canada.  To support the Treestand Safety Certification Course, the Association established a Grant Program for State Agencies and qualified Applicants to assist with the cost of the training.


  • In 2007, the association established the “Treestand Hall of Fame” in an effort to maintain and preserve the history of the treestand industry.  The first inductee was Robert Caldwell “Bob” Hice, Sr. - founder of Tree Lounge.  In 2008, the second inductee was Dr. Ray G. McIntyre -President of Warren & Sweat Treestands.  In 2009, the third inductee was John A. Woller-Founder of Summit Treestands.  The 2010 inductee will be announced during the TMA Members’ Conference.
  • In 2009 the Association sponsored 3 TV hunting shows which aired Public Service Announcements to promote Treestand Safety.  The PSA’s aired in the 3rd & 4th quarters on ESPN and Versus featuring Kurt Busch – NASCAR Driver of #2 Dodge.
  •  In 2009 TMA proposed legislative action for mandatory use of Fall Arrest Systems/Full Body Harnesses in Mississippi.  In June, the Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks passed a new regulation making it mandatory to wear a Fall Arrest System/Full Body Harness while hunting from a treestand on WMA’s.  Mississippi is the first state to enact such regulation.




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